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Box forming doubling machine up to 20ply

Machine model FHFDTK-A
Product number 2
Number of spindles 24(6 spindles/group)
bobbin type flat bobbin or cone(optional)
Spindle gauge mm
Layout Single side
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 3phase
Max.package diameter 250mm
Take-up traverse 152mm
spindle power 120w
Take-up speed Max. 1000 meters/min
Max.yarn diameter ≤280mm
Friction roller specification flat bobbin or cone (optional)
Driving Individual
Auto Stop Device Motion sensor
Electronic Anti-Stack Inverter control


Plying winding mach

Doubling machine, it can winding 2-3 ply of Fiber yarns, Cotton yarns, Wool yarns, FDY, Polyester yarns and etc, it can take up with Tube bobbins for TFO Twisting machine preparing, and also can take up with conical Cone for Weaving machine using . It has the feature of High Efficiency and well take-up finished shape, can alleviate the intensity of labour for next processing work.

Machine modelFHFDTK-A
Product number2
Number of spindles24(6 spindles/group)
bobbin typeflat bobbin or cone(optional)
Spindle gaugemm
LayoutSingle side
Power Supply380V 50HZ 3phase
Max.package diameter250mm
Take-up traverse152mm
spindle power120w
Take-up speedMax. 1000 meters/min
Max.yarn diameter≤280mm
Friction roller specificationflat bobbin or cone (optional)
Auto Stop DeviceMotion sensor
Electronic Anti-StackInverter control
Auto-waxing deviceOptional installed
Cleaner deviceOptional installed
Electronic Yarn ClearerOptional installed
Air SplicerOptional installed
Blower cleanerOptional installed
Lighting SystemOptional installed
DimensionsL 1454 x W 690 x H 1600 mm


IMG_3265 2

up to 20ply