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Summer outdoor riding, why should I choose quick-drying clothes

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Exercise makes people healthy and energetic, especially nowadays many people have the habit of running, and get up early in the morning to run, or do some exercise, people will be much better spirit of the day, love sports people give others a very sunny feeling indeed, but also very elite. But what kind of clothes should we wear when we exercise? Quick-drying clothes maybe a good choice.
Some people feel that quick-drying clothes are very mysterious, thinking that there are a lot of high-tech components inside, in fact, most of the quick-drying clothes are made of chemical fiber fabrics, just because of the different processing technology, so that it has a variety of magical effects that ordinary clothing does not have. Quick dry clothes it is not the sweat absorption, but the sweat will be quickly transferred to the surface of the clothes, through the air circulation will evaporate sweat, so as to achieve the purpose of quick dry, general quick dry clothes drying speed than cotton fabrics to 50% faster.


The fabrics used in quick-drying clothes are mainly polyester, but also some use environmentally friendly fibers such as soy. Polyester is not as absorbent as cotton and linen. The biggest characteristic of polyester fiber is that it does not siphon water after absorption, but increases the evaporation rate by increasing the wet area.
Quick-drying clothes functional characteristics: many people in the sport, in order to get rid of a lot of sweat accumulated in the skin surface uncomfortable feeling, put on a "comfortable and breathable" cotton clothing. But in fact, cotton clothing can only absorb sweat and not breathable, not suitable for sports wear. The correct approach is to choose a loose and comfortable, stretchable, breathable and easy to sweat quick-drying clothes.
We have introduced the functional effects of quick-drying clothes, we then introduce how to clean quick-drying clothes, and precautions.


How often should I wash my quick-drying clothes? Quick dry clothes should be washed after each exercise.
It is recommended that the day's intimate apparel is changed and washed in a timely manner on the same day to avoid bacterial growth, sweat stains and other stain residue. Before washing the clothes, you should check the washing label inside the clothes and wash them according to the precautions and washing methods indicated on the washing label to avoid damage to the clothes due to wrong washing methods.
How to wash quick-drying clothes better? Generally, quick-drying clothes are more waterproof and ash-proof, just pour some laundry detergent in the water, soak the clothes for half an hour, rub gently, rinse well, and use the tumble dryer or just hang dry.
Quick-drying clothes fabric more polypropylene, this fabric is easy to pilling, the more times the washing phenomenon is more obvious, in drying or close to the fire source is easy to aging. Later more use of polyester instead of polypropylene, its characteristics are not easy to pilling and aging. Both fabrics in the wash, do not rub vigorously, machine wash, then also open to "gentle" gear.
Quick-drying clothes are produced by the requirements of the outdoor use environment. In general, the spring and summer can wear quick-drying clothes, when they are more convenient than the heavy punching bag, much more practical. Therefore, those who love sports, sports, cycling, outdoor travel, quick-dry clothing is a very good choice.