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Why is polyester fabric popular?Is polyester fabric really very non-breathable?

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Pure natural fiber fabrics are cotton, hemp, silk, wool, asbestos, etc. Although the main natural fiber, but there are not negligible problems, such as chemical instability, rely on the low yield of natural materials, natural fibers are prone to mildew, moths, fading after use, not easy to set, easy to produce wrinkles, etc..


In consideration of more mass production, chemical fibers are put on the market in one experiment and improvement, low cost and high yield, and can be modified, easy to process and have a strong tensile properties. Such as polyester fiber, which is commonly known as polyester fabric, according to polyester has excellent shaping properties, polyester yarn and fabric by shaping or straight, or fluffy pleats, in use, even after many washes, can also maintain the original form.
And the chemical properties of polyester, polyester molecule consists of short aliphatic hydrocarbon chain, ester group, benzene ring, end alcohol hydroxyl group, remove the two end alcohol hydroxyl group, there is no other polar genes, which is why polyester fiber has been discussed as poor hydrophilic.


Polyester molecule contains 46% ester group, and the ester group can be hydrolyzed and thermally cracked above 200℃, and strong alkali contact will be saponified and the degree of polymerization will be reduced, and the detergent of ordinary dosage below 100℃ has no effect on polyester fabric.
Polyester fabric can resist strong light, so it is suitable for curtain fabric. Compared with natural fibers, polyester fabrics are more resistant to sunlight. When drying clothes, many people will notice the "No Exposure to Sunlight" sign because many fabrics may have side effects when exposed to sunlight, but deep down, many people feel that clothes have no soul if they are not exposed to sunlight (cough), so polyester fabrics can be safely exposed to sunlight and poison (haha).
Polyester is also very elastic, even after repeated rubbing, it will quickly return to its prototype, and will not leave unattractive creases.
There is also a safety issue, polyester fabrics are extremely heat resistant and the technology of steam shaping can hold up perfectly.


The chemical resistance of polyester fabric is also very good, chemical detergents washing supplies, such as bleach a class and will not cause harm to the substance of the fabric. Polyester clothing do not have to worry too much about mold, remember to put a dozen mothballs in the cabinet in order to rest assured that the clothes placed in the cabinet, but also worry about yellowing and long mold spots? Even if you put N mothballs, still worried about the love of clothes in the cabinet, but polyester fabric may be able to fundamentally circumvent these kinds of problems.