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FHLS-1200 Double side winding machine

FHLS-1200 combinethe advantages of various of winding machine, and has been designed according to practical situations in China. Theshape of themachine isbeautiful and scientific, structurally reasonable, has stable performance, is easy to operate, and has a large capacity.Suitable for supporting various types of yarn covering machine required by the withdrawal bobbin.It can be used for yarns made from synthetic fibers, filament, rayon, artificial cotton, andcoveringyarns.

FHLS-1200 uses a combination of servo motors and stepper motors as the driving mode, with a maximum speed of up to 1200 meters per minute. It can wind different types and lengths of yarn simultaneously, with a wide range of applications, and can effectively improve efficiency. The machine operates with stable air-ring and uniform tension, adoptingthe way ofdouble-sidededge fixingto cater to the follow-up process requirements of different production enterprises at different angles.

The key features of FHLS-1200 are its stable structure, energy-saving,minorfootprint,highspeed, convenient operation, uniform tension, andgoodforming.


FHLS-1200 Double side Winding machine

Machine type:
Double side
Spindles No:16 spindles/section ,Standard with 96 spindles
Spindle distance:245mm
Spindle speed:1000-10000 r/min
Twist direction:S or Z
Package shape:Flat or Cone
Bobbin specification:Spool(Φ36mm x Φ83mm x Height 100-170 mm ) or Customer optional
Forming mode:Electron forming
Packing weight:300-1000g
Winding speed:400-1200m/min
Winding type:Tangential drive winding
Winding journey:90-180mm
Motor torque:0.25 n/m
Driving motor power:5.5kw
Machine power:6KW
Dimension:L12800 x W 1300 x H 1350m