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How to choose winter gloves?

January 02,2024

As the cold winter approaches, a pair of warm and well-fitting gloves is crucial for outdoor enthusiasts. Especially for cyclists, suitable cycling gloves can not only provide warmth, but also protect the hands from cold wind and external friction. So, how should you choose winter gloves? What are your recommendations for cycling gloves? Let’s discuss it together next.


How to choose winter gloves?

1. Warmth performance

When choosing winter gloves, the first thing to consider is warmth. High-quality winter gloves are usually lined with velvet or thermal insulation materials, such as wool, cashmere, down, etc., which can effectively block the cold outside air and keep the hands warm and comfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to choose gloves with a thicker thermal layer and ensure that there is enough space inside the gloves to add thermal energy, such as heating sheets or heating elements.

2. Windproof performance

Wind resistance in winter gloves is also crucial. In the cold winter, cold wind is the enemy of the hands. A glove with good windproof function can effectively reduce the invasion of wind and cold on the hands and improve the overall warmth retention effect. Therefore, when choosing gloves, pay attention to whether the outer material of the gloves has windproof function, such as wind and snow fabrics, windproof fabrics, etc.

3. Comfort and flexibility

In addition to warmth and wind protection, the comfort and flexibility of winter gloves are also factors to consider. The lining material of the gloves should be soft and comfortable, and the finger parts should be designed to be highly flexible to ensure that the hands can still move freely during cycling or other activities without affecting operational flexibility.

4. Waterproof performance

In the cold winter, rain and snow often bring inconvenience to outdoor activities, so a pair of winter gloves with certain waterproof properties is also necessary. Waterproof gloves can prevent rain or melting snow from penetrating into the interior of the gloves, keeping hands dry and avoiding the chill and discomfort caused by moisture.

5. Appearance design

While warmth is the core function of winter gloves, appearance is equally important. Stylish appearance design can increase the overall appeal of gloves, and gloves that match personal aesthetics are more likely to be popular. In addition, some gloves are equipped with reflective strips or reflective markings to improve the safety of night riding.

How to clean cycling gloves?

1. View cleaning instructions

First, you'll want to check the glove's label for cleaning instructions. There are usually cleaning instructions and recommendations on the glove. Some gloves may require special cleaning methods or temperatures, so be sure to follow the cleaning instructions.

2. Hand wash

Most cycling gloves are recommended to be washed by hand and avoid using the washing machine. You can add a small amount of mild detergent to warm water, scrub the gloves gently, and then rinse them with clean water.

3. Let dry

Gloves after cleaning should be dried naturally and avoid exposure to sunlight or the use of a dryer to avoid damage to the material and structure of the gloves.


Glove yarn

The yarn content of cycling gloves usually depends on the design and purpose of the glove. Common glove yarn materials include:

Polyester: It has good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, and also has good moisture absorption and perspiration properties.
Nylon: has excellent strength and durability, suitable for use in the structural support part of gloves.
Elastane: used to increase the elasticity and fit of gloves, improving comfort and flexibility.
Wool: often used in thermal linings to provide good thermal insulation properties.
Polyester fiber: has good warmth retention and moisture-proof properties, suitable for winter gloves.
Different brands and styles of gloves may use different yarn combinations to achieve optimal comfort, protection and durability. When cleaning gloves, care should be taken to follow the cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the yarn material and structure of the gloves.

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Warmth, wind protection, comfort, water resistance and design are all factors to consider when choosing winter gloves and cycling gloves. Through reasonable selection, you can find a glove that suits your needs and provides good protection and comfort for winter outdoor activities. I hope the above suggestions can help you choose the ideal winter gloves and cycling gloves and enjoy winter outdoor sports happily.