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Maintenance of double twisting machine

September 27,2023

Machine maintenance is an essential part of daily production, and the quality of machine maintenance directly affects the quality of products.

Therefore, the content and standards of maintenance are very important.

The following are the parts of the double Twisting machine that need to be checked frequently:

1. Spindle part

Check the flexibility of the spindle operation: first remove the spindle, then grasp the stationary disc, gently rotate the rotating disc, and check if the rotation is flexible? Is there any abnormal noise? Is there a shortage of oil?

If abnormal spindles are found, handle them in the following order:

A.Pull out the stationary disc (yarn can binder) with force to separate the stationary disc from the clamping disc.

B. Check if there is any waste wire wrapped around the spindle bearing, remove it if any, and check the flexibility of the bearing.

C.There is no yarn entanglement, but the bearing rotation is not flexible; Alternatively, if the bearing still cannot rotate flexibly after removing the yarn, a special fixture needs to be used to remove the bearing and replace it with a new one.

D.Use a special fixture to counter the inner race of the bearing and press it in.

E. After reinstalling the epithelial ring on the bearing, press in the stationary disc.

If the spindle foot is short of oil, it should be refueled immediately.    

2. Dragon belt part

Check if there is any abnormal noise, movement up and down, yarn entanglement, and oil stains on the dragon belt. The abnormal sound of the dragon belt indicates abnormal operation or yarn winding. To check if the dragon belt has touched the lowest part of the introduction, if it does, adjust the height of the tensioning guide wheel, starting from the side of the active belt pulley. When twisting right, the dragon belt rotates clockwise, so when adjusting, start from the active belt pulley and check clockwise for one cycle. The movement of the dragon belt up and down is also caused by the poor position of the tightening guide wheel. If there is yarn wrapped around the dragon belt, it can be stopped for processing when there is a small amount, and it needs to be treated immediately when there is a large amount, otherwise the dragon belt will slip and make abnormal noises. When the dragon belt is severely polluted, the spindle speed will decrease, the dragon belt will slip, and abnormal sounds will be emitted. Therefore, the dragon belt should be removed and cleaned with neutral detergent.

3.Tensioning guide wheel

When driving the dragon belt, the outer side of the tensioning guide wheel and the inner side of the dragon belt are tightened. The main function of the tensioning guide wheel is to maintain the tension of the dragon belt and ensure that the transmission does not slip. When adjusting the tightening guide wheel, ensure that it rotates flexibly. If the tightening guide wheel does not rotate flexibly, it will wear the dragon belt. At the same time, ensure smooth transmission of the tensioning guide wheel. If the dragon belt is too high at this time, it needs to be adjusted downwards as follows:

A.Loosen the fastening screws;

B.Loosen the left lifting screw and then unscrew the right lifting screw;

C.Tighten the fastening screws. Generally, the adjustment range of the dragon belt is very small, and it is best to ensure that the position of the dragon belt on each tensioning wheel is the same.