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Summary of Safety Operation and Maintenance of Straight High Speed Precision Winding Machine

October 09,2023

Safe operation and maintenance of straight high speed precision Winding machine

Brief introduction to safe operation and maintenance of straight high speed precision winding machine

● Before machine operation, please read the instruction manual carefully.

● The machine adopts AC380V+5% three-phase five wire system from the source, and the machine must be properly and properly grounded.

● Turn off the machine when it is overhauled, maintained and cleaned. It is dangerous to the machine or to safety.
The power supply must be cut off during the operation of the hidden trouble.

When the yarn is winding, the moisture of the yarn is not allowed to splash with the frame.
The circuit is safe, causing damage to electrical appliances or electric shock.

● The transport of scaffolding must be flexible, and actively remove the filament waste; when the scaffolding is placed, ensure the direction of wire withdrawal.

● Take care carefully and reliably to avoid damaging the control panel or human body when the scaffolding falls.

7Control panel keys do not touch with wet hands; keys can only be input with fingers; no sharp tools should be used to touch them.

● Check the drive belt daily. Check out once every three months. The slider and spinning hook in shuttle box are vulnerable parts. The normal maintenance and replacement period is 12 months. 

● The number of factory settings for winding speed is

● When the wire is crossed, its red indicator should be turned off. Instead, wipe the dust on two cat's eyes with a paper towel. The dust will affect the sensitivity of the probe.
● Do daily cleaning and maintenance work, find abnormal handling in time.


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