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The winding machine is not just a winding machine: it can also do these amazing things!

November 02,2023

The Winding machine is an important equipment in textile machinery, which converts yarn from one form to another for subsequent processing or use. The performance and quality of the winding machine directly affect the quality and production efficiency of the yarn. Therefore, the innovation of winding machines is an important topic in the textile machinery industry.

A winding machine is an automated device used to make coils, typically used to manufacture electronic components such as motors, transformers, inductors, etc. There are various types of winding machines, which can be classified into general and specialized types according to their purposes; According to their winding methods, they can be divided into outer winding machines and inner winding machines.

External winding machine

External winding machine refers to the process of guiding coil wires into the winding machine through a wire rack, and then wrapping and winding them by the winding head on the winding machine. The winding head is driven by a motor to wrap and wind the coil wire at a certain speed and method, forming a complete coil. The external winding machine usually has multiple parameter settings, such as winding speed, winding direction, winding tension, etc., to meet the needs of different types of coils. During the winding process, the outer winding machine can also be equipped with some auxiliary equipment, such as cutters, welders, glue injectors, etc., to complete the cutting, connection, and fixation of the coil during the manufacturing process. At the same time, the external winding machine is usually equipped with some sensors and controllers to automatically monitor and adjust various parameters and working conditions during the winding process, to ensure the quality and stability of the coil.

Inner winding machine

Inner winding machine refers to wrapping and winding the coil wire from inside the stator slot. The inner winding machine adopts an upper or lower winding method, which is controlled by servo drive. The needle bar and wire nozzle drive the enameled wire to move up and down, and the mold rotates left and right to neatly wrap the wire into the groove. The inner winding machine is mainly designed for stator products with inward grooves, suitable for high-precision, high-efficiency, and high stability requirements. Compared to the outer winding machine, the inner winding machine has higher requirements, higher configurations, and higher costs. The inner winding machine is not only suitable for inner winding products, but also for outer winding products.

As a professional yarn machine manufacturer, we have been committed to developing and producing efficient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly winding machines to meet the needs of different customers. Our winding machine has the following innovative features:

Automation: The winding machine adopts advanced control systems and sensors, achieving functions such as automatic yarn supply, breakage detection, joint processing, and drum replacement, greatly reducing manual operation and intervention, and improving production efficiency and safety. For example, a fully automatic wire winding machine is a device that can be combined into a high degree of automation through motors, electric components, pneumatic components, transmission devices, sensors, control devices, etc. It can achieve functions such as automatic wire arrangement, automatic foot winding, automatic wire cutting, and automatic skeleton loading and unloading.

Intelligence: The winding machine utilizes artificial intelligence and big data technology to achieve functions such as yarn quality monitoring, fault diagnosis, and parameter optimization. It can automatically adjust winding parameters based on different raw materials and process conditions, ensuring yarn uniformity and stability. For example, a brushless motor winding machine is a device that can work simultaneously at 1/2/4/6 workstations and wind multiple strands of copper wire. It is equipped with a professional servo drive system, with stable control and accurate positioning.

Environmentally friendly: The winding machine adopts an energy-saving drive system and a low noise design scheme, reducing energy consumption and noise pollution, meeting environmental standards and social responsibility. For example, a transformer winding machine is a device used for manufacturing electronic transformers, which adopts a multi axis linkage design and can achieve high-speed, high-precision, and low loss winding processes.


Compared to traditional semi-automatic or manual winding machines, fully automatic or semi-automatic modern winding machines have the following advantages:

Improved production efficiency and quality. Modern winding machines can achieve fast, accurate, and stable functions such as wire laying, winding, wire breaking, twisting, and loading and unloading, greatly shortening the production cycle, reducing human error and scrap rate.

Saves labor costs and resource consumption. Modern winding machines can achieve multi head linkage or one person multiple machine operation, reducing the number of operators and skill requirements, and saving labor costs. At the same time, modern winding machines also adopt energy-saving and environmentally friendly design concepts, reducing energy consumption and pollution emissions.

Enhanced market competitiveness and innovation capabilities. Modern winding machines can be flexibly adjusted and switched according to different product requirements, adapting to diverse and personalized market demands. At the same time, modern winding machines are constantly introducing new technologies and functions, enhancing the added value and differentiation advantages of products.

Our winding machine has been successfully applied in multiple countries and regions, and has received praise and trust from overseas customers. We will continue to adhere to innovative concepts, continuously improve our products and services, and contribute to the development of the global textile industry.

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