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What are the special dyeing methods for yarns?

October 31,2022

Like fabrics, yarns also have local dyeing, such as knots dyeing , segmented dyeing, tie-dyeing, printing, pull-dyeing, gradients, etc.


Yarn knot dyeing

According to the design requirements, a small section (such as 0.5~1cm) of color is printed on the spread skein every set distance, which can be the same color, but most of them are five colors. It must be noted that the spacing must be irregularly unevenly spaced, otherwise "turtle back" or "landscape painting" will appear on the canvas.

Segmented dyeing dyeing

Of yarn dyeing drizzles several dyes on different parts of the spread skein at the same time, and then fixes and washes after vacuum aspiration or rolling. Compared with the printing knot, the color segment is longer, the white yarn spacing is smaller, and even the adjacent two colors will appear "color blocking" on the yarn. Of yarn dyeing is used more on knitted fabrics.


The part of the skein is tied tightly with rope (or wrapped with plastic film), and then dipped into dyeing, as a result, the tightly tied part is left blank, the strapping part is partially colored from dark to light, and the untied part is evenly colored, and the product has a unique charm.

Discharge Printing

This method of printing (warp) is generally used to produce warp printing woven fabrics. Printed on the warp (not printed on the weft), the product style is hazy, like a flower not a flower. When printing warp, you can first fake weave (the knitting method is to print first and then warp, and the weaving method is warp rectification-false weaving-printing), or you can print directly on the warp, such as synthetic fiber warp yarn can be printed on the transfer printing machine.

5.Gradual dyeing

Gradient dyeing (colorful silk) immersion different parts of the skein (silk) in the dyeing solution for different times, so that each frame of yarn presents a gradient color from light to dark without obvious boundaries, such as traditional Chinese embroidery seven-color silk thread. In addition, there are half side dyeing, spray point dyeing, single yarn continuous dip dyeing, etc.

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