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Where should we find answers to the intractable problems of yarn making?

November 04,2022

1. Removal of impurities
Spinning is the science of processing textile staple fibers into yarns, which are generally made by twisting many staple fibers of varying lengths, as well as by twisting long continuous monofilaments. In the spinning process, it is first necessary to remove impurities, that is, the preliminary processing of the raw material, also known as the preparation of the spinning raw material. The types of raw materials are different, the types and properties of impurities are different, and the processing methods and art are also different. The preliminary processing methods of raw materials mainly include physical methods (such as cotton ginning), chemical methods (such as degumming of hemp, refining of silk) and methods combining physics and chemistry (such as washing and degrassing and carbonization of wool).
2. Release
To process the chaotic, horizontally closely connected fibers into longitudinal sequential arrangement, and smooth yarn with certain requirements, it is necessary to turn the bulk fiber into a single fiber state, remove the horizontal connection of fiber raw materials, and establish a strong longitudinal connection between head and end. The former is called the release of fibers, and the latter is called the collection of fibers. The release of fibers is the complete removal of the transverse connection that exists between fibers and fibers. However, fiber damage must be minimized as much as possible. The collection of fibers is to re-establish an orderly longitudinal connection of the loosened fibers, which is continuous, and the distribution of fibers in the aggregate should be uniform, and at the same time have a certain linear density and strength. Fiber aggregates, but also need to add a certain degree of twist. The collection process is not completed at once, and can only be completed after multiple processes such as combing, drafting, and twisting.
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3. Open
Opening is the tearing of large fibers into small, small fiber bundles. Broadly speaking, the degumming of hemp is also a kind of opening. As the opening action progresses, the connection between the fibers and the impurities is weakened, so that the impurities are removed and the fibers are mixed with each other. The opening effect and the removal of impurities are not completed at one time, but are gradually realized through the rational configuration of tearing, blowing and segmentation.
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4. Carding
The carding function is to further loosen the fiber small pieces and bundles into a single state by a large number of dense comb needles on the carding machine, further improving the release of the fiber. After combing, the horizontal connection between fibers is basically removed, and the effect of impurity removal and mixing is more sufficient. But a large number of the fibers in it are curved. And there is a curved hook, and there is still a certain horizontal connection between each fiber. The earliest spinning machine.Zhejiang Tongyou Import & Export Co., Ltd.,The company mainly deals in nylon, polyester and other textile raw materials, as well as a series of products such as double twister, winder,Hank reeling machineYarn color sample card machine, shaking machine and various textile machinery. We can provide various specifications of high-quality raw materials and textile equipment for cotton socks, stockings, seamless underwear, gloves, clothing, etc.
5. Comb
The carding function of the comber is to use the comb to comb the two ends of the fiber in a more detailed holding state. Combing machining can eliminate staple fibers and fine impurities below a certain length, making the fibers more parallel and straight. Chemical fibers are generally not processed by combing machines because of their neat length, less impurities, and good straightening and parallel state.
6. Drafting
The combed strip is lengthened and thinned, and gradually reaches the predetermined thickness, this process is called drafting. It lays the foundation for a regular end-to-end connection between fibers. However, the draft leads to uneven short segments of the yarn, so it is necessary to configure the appropriate drafting device and process parameters.

7. Twisted
Twisting is the twisting of the whisker strip around its own axis, so that the fibers parallel to the axis of the whisker strip are spiral-shaped,by generating radial pressure to fix the longitudinal connection between the fibers.One of the parent companies, Zhuji Feihu Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995, specializing in the production of various textile machinery such as twisting machineswinders,yarn expanders,  and hanks.  Since the product was put into the market, it has won unanimous praise from textile, knitting, yarn, printing and dyeing and other related enterprises. We have established in-depth strategic co-leasing alliances with nylonpolyester and other production suppliers and domestic large-scale textile machinery and equipment manufacturers to jointly promote the research and development of new products, and have a good reputation in the industry.

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8. Winding
Winding semi-finished products or finished products into a certain form for storage, transportation and processing of the next process, this process is called winding. The winding process should be carried out continuously on the basis of not affecting the output and quality of the product, and efforts should be made to achieve continuous production between various processes to reduce the quality problems caused by the winding process as much as possible. In short, the spinning process generally includes raw material preparation, opening, carding, impurity removal, mixing, drafting, merging, twisting and winding, and some functions are achieved after many iterations.

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