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Why do we choose Polyester ?

November 24,2022

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that’s usually derived from petroleum.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that’s usually derived from petroleum. This fabric is one of the world’s most popular textiles, and it is used in thousands of different consumer and industrial applications.Chemically, polyester is a polymer primarily composed of compounds within the ester functional group. Most synthetic and some plant-based polyester fibers are made from ethylene, which is a constituent of petroleum that can also be derived from other sources. While some forms of polyester are biodegradable, most of them are not, and polyester production and use contribute to pollution around the world.

When made into polyester fabric,  it can be used to create clothing, furnishings, textiles and more. If you love your clothes, you are probably already aware that if you check their labels, you can see what they are made from. If a natural fabric is mixed with polyester,  then you will see the percentages of each on the label.

Some characteristics of polyester fabric

● Polyester is very durable and is resistant to many chemicals
● This is a popular fabric in the fashion industry, as it is resistant to shrining and stretching. It is also resistant to wrinkling and abrasions
● The fibres used to create Polyester are very strong yet lightweight
● The fibres are easily dyed
● It retains its shape very well
Polyester fabric is easy to look after and it can be washed and dried at home
● It is a quick drying fabric, so a popular choice for outdoors clothing

It is such a popular choice for apparel because polyester fibres are thermoplastic, or heat-sensitive. This means that fabrics, which are 100% polyester, can be given permanent pleats and decorative shapes and patterns can be laser-cut into them. They are also highly stain-resistant, so great for cleaning.Zhejiang Tongyou Import & Export Co., Ltd.,The company mainly deals in nylon,  polyester and other textile raw materials, as well as a series of products such as double twisterwinder,  wire supporter, shaking machine and various textile machinery. We can provide various specifications of high-quality raw materials and textile equipment for cotton socks, stockings, seamless underwear, gloves, clothing, etc.

You might notice that when a garment is 100% polyester

You might notice that when a garment is 100% polyester, that is it prone to static build up. This is a nightmare when it comes to ensuring your hair looks good, and you might find yourself being able to give people static shocks – which, although harmless, can be pretty annoying! To eliminate this issue, polyester is often blended with more stable fibres, such as cotton. This is then known as polycotton and it embodies the benefits of both fabrics; strong, durable, wrinkle resistant and far more breathable than 100% polyester.
Polyester clothing tends to be slippery and almost silky to touch and the fibres  can be woven or knitted to create the fabric, although knitted maximises its flexibility. It is a naturally bright fibre and can be modified easily for different uses.