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Yarn Machines Enhancing Productivity and Quality in Overseas Textile Industry(1)

November 02,2023

Promoting Yarn Machines to Overseas Buyers

Dear overseas buyers, welcome to our Yarn Machine Manufacturing Workshop! We bring you a range of precision-manufactured yarn machines designed to enhance production efficiency and improve yarn quality. This article will delve into why you should choose us and highlight our products and services.

Why Choose Us?


Zhejiang Tongyou Import & Export Co., Ltd. was registered in January 2018 and is located in Taozhu Street, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of about 23,000 square meters and a building area of about 21,500 square meters.

The company mainly deals in nylon, polyester and other textile raw materials, as well as a series of products such as double twister, winder, wire supporter, shaking machine and various textile machinery. We can provide various specifications of high-quality raw materials and textile equipment for cotton socks, stockings, seamless underwear, gloves, clothing, etc.

One of the parent companies, Zhuji Feihu Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995, specializing in the production of various textile machinery such as twisting machines, winders, yarn expanders, and hanks. With more than 20 years of production service experience, professional production equipment assembly line, professional production technology and skilled industrial workers. Since the product was put into the market, it has won unanimous praise from textile, knitting, yarn, printing and dyeing and other related enterprises. We have established in-depth strategic co-leasing alliances with nylon, polyester and other production suppliers and domestic large-scale textile machinery and equipment manufacturers to jointly promote the research and development of new products, and have a good reputation in the industry.

Outstanding Quality

We are committed to providing high-quality yarn machines to ensure smooth operation of your production line. We utilize advanced technology and materials to guarantee the durability and reliability of our machines. Our dedication to producing high-quality yarn machines extends from material selection to production processes, where we meticulously monitor every detail to ensure durability and exceptional performance.

Versatile Applications

Our machines are multifunctional, catering to various types of yarn production. From coarse to fine yarn, our machines can meet all your needs. Different types of yarn require different machines. We offer a variety of yarn machines suitable for producing everything from cotton yarn to synthetic yarn. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate them.

Efficiency and Energy Saving

Our yarn machines are carefully designed to improve production efficiency. High-speed operation and intelligent control systems enable you to produce more, faster. Our machines not only prioritize efficiency but also emphasize energy efficiency. We've implemented intelligent control systems to ensure smooth operation of your production line while reducing energy consumption.

Comprehensive Support

We understand that each customer has unique needs. Therefore, we provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our services go beyond machine sales. We have a professional after-sales team ready to provide technical support, maintenance, and training to ensure uninterrupted operation of your production line.

Our Products

Twisting Machine


Our twisting machine employs advanced technology to simultaneously process multiple cables or wires, twisting them into a single bundle. This efficient twisting technology significantly enhances production efficiency and reduces production time. Our twisting machine is designed for various cable types, including power cables, communication cables, fiber optic cables, and more. Whatever your production needs, our machines can handle them. Equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, our twisting machines monitor and adjust the twisting process to ensure the quality and consistency of the bundle. These systems also enhance operator efficiency and reduce operational errors. Our machines are renowned for producing high-quality bundles. Whether for power transmission or data communication, our twisting machine ensures the reliability and performance of the bundle.

Winding machine


Our high-performance winding machine is designed specifically for yarn and cable manufacturing. These machines have excellent automation capabilities, efficiently winding yarn, cables, or any fine thread onto spools. Moreover, they possess highly adjustable features to accommodate various wire types and specifications. Our winding machines are not limited to specific types of wires; they can adapt to a variety of yarn, cables, and fine thread manufacturing needs. Whether you're producing cotton yarn, polyester thread, cables, or any other wire, our machines can handle it. We've incorporated the latest intelligent control systems to ensure a stable and efficient winding process. These systems allow you to easily configure and monitor various parameters to meet the requirements of different product specifications. Our winding machines are designed to improve production efficiency while reducing energy consumption. They precisely control yarn winding, minimize waste, and save time and costs for your production line.

We understand that every manufacturer's needs are different, so we offer customized solutions. If you have specific requirements, our engineering team will work with you to design a winding machine that meets your unique needs.

Contact Us

If you're an overseas buyer looking for a reliable yarn machine supplier, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our team would be more than willing to understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your textile industry's productivity and quality! Choose our yarn machines and let your business thrive. Let's work together to create a bright future.

We hope this detailed advertorial provides overseas buyers with more information about our yarn machines and reasons to choose us. If you need more content or modifications, please feel free to let us know. We look forward to working with you to enhance the quality and efficiency of yarn production!